The Rowe Sisters are trail blazers in the local Soccer Community. Multiple Award Winning Athletes and High Achieving Students. Sisters in Fitness believe they are the perfect role models for young soccer players to aspire. They come with a portfolio of achievement, prestige work ethic, discipline and a passion for the game. Their focus in SoccerFit is to educate the girls and embrace the fitness component to take their game to the next level and set themselves up for achievement in the upcoming years in the town\city , province and beyond. 

Sport Specific Fitness Training is a vital component of young soccer players reaching their full potential. You may have a talented young player who is skillful and has brilliant ball control but lacks physical strength , speed and endurance. Improving the young girl’s fitness and conditioning would allow them to utilize their natural soccer talent and reach their full potential. They simply need the tools, the environment and positive approach on “growing” to be FIT for the “beautiful” game. 

SoccerFIT – The Rowe Sisters training offers the following benefits:

  • Improved speed
  • Improved stamina
  • Increased resistance to injury
  • Improved core strength
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Positive Self Esteem 
  • The Drive & Passion to Excel 

Not only can you improve a player’s soccer development, but you can also instil in them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle that will be a gift for life that will take away from the program . The skills a child learns in soccer can be applied throughout their lives and help them develop into well-rounded adults.

All Key Components on the journey to becoming SoccerFIT are completed under a “DISGUISE” ! That’s  right the girls will not know they are learning to properly run, jump, squat, speed work , developing a good healthy stretching regiment , completed fitness tests because it is done through a variety of FUN , interactive methods. 

Through this unique format The Rowe Sisters (Zoe & Lauren ) will target : 

  1. Strength: The ability to produce force.  Our training makes muscles stronger, and more resilient to injury.  All our sessions incorporate soccer-specific strength exercises during rest between high intensity running and plyometric bouts of exercise. 
  2. Speed:The ability to move quickly.  Our training will increase the speed of soccer-specific muscles and movements, including running and jumping, using sport specific equipment youth view them as “toys” 
  3. Power: The ability to produce high force, quickly.  Our training improves power by challenging the muscles to overcome resistance at high speeds, including incline running sprints, box jumps, and hurdle jumps.
  4. Endurance:The ability to sustain high intensity activity, and to recover between bouts of high intensity activity.  Our training improves soccer-specific endurance through repeated bouts of high intensity activity, including sprints and plyometric exercises.
  5. Flexibility:The ability to move a muscle through its full range of motion.  Our training improves flexibility through soccer-specific mobility, and stretching exercises, which are a standard component of every training session.
  6. Running-Sisters in Fitness have a proven track record in producing a solid foundation for young runners. It is a guarantee your kids will like to run after the 8 week session! Our youth don’t like to run because 99.9% introduction to running was negative and never supported properly in their efforts. They will learn the fundamental tools to enjoy running, especially , with a ball on their foot. A Team of Running SIF Instructors will; also do sessions with all groups.