The Ultimate Recovery , Sports Strength and Stretch Class

Research shows that the better your body recovers, the better your body performs and feels!

Sport Strength and Stretch is a virtual physical therapy format that combines various elements to help your body build and heal from high impact , high repetition activity ( hiking, swimming, cycling , running, HiiT) or SITTING long periods of time . By repairing and building your body, you’ll feel better from your first session and will be able to work at potential with less incidence of injury. Expect 45 minute non stop deep strength and stretch. 

Sundays 8:00-8:45 pm LIVE Online ( zoom) or recorded for you to complete at your convenience. 

Message from Trainor Michelle Porter : 

Athletes, Runners,  wherever you are  I have you covered to keep you Healthy and working in all the disciplines you love and reaching and completing upcoming personal goals.

25 Years I’ve been training people to stay healthy. My secret to keep people injury free , reaching Personal Bests and new goals simple ! Cross Training and Yoga Therapy ! 

I’ve put all my training into a a tailored program – Sports Strength & Stretch it’s no secret many of us have busy minds“ let’s get this done- where’s the endorphins?

 “ Promise … you won’t be bored and you’ll be working toward perfecting all areas of your physical form , technique and breath . This program is a complete workshop – therapy protocols that just don’t stretch but also strengthens. 

I’ll help you reach your potential ! 

A few of Michelle Porter’s  Trainor Certifications: 

RRCA Running certified ( Atlanta) 

ChiRunning Instructor ( Toronto) 

Healthy Running Trainor -Newton ( Boston)

Merrithew “Core” Running Trainer( Toronto) 

YogaFit ( Canada various locations) , 

Yoga Shelter ( Miami) , 

Tai Yoga Massage ( Costa Rica) 

Yoga for Runners – (Bath England) 

National Personal Trainor Certification 

+ 25 years Specialty Group Fitness  Certifications (throughout Canada & USA)