Proven HiiT training format. Each workout is a work/rest ratio of 20/10,

Tabata with Toys is that you will train both cardio and strength without any wasted time.

Tabata Bootcamp with Toys brings you the most amazing array of high intensity options with complete workouts with unique options. This cutting edge training protocol using all the toys in your fitness Toy Box. 

The workouts use Discs, Bands,  Balls, Bells, Bars, body weight only… A different workout every workout! Talk about motivating!

Train smarter – not longer – with Tabata Bootcamp with Toys.

SIF Instructor Cheryl Coates travelled to Toronto CanFIT Pro World Conference and was certified by Tabata Bootcamp + Toys founder 

Mindy Mylrea is a multiple award-winning leader in the fitness industry.