Monday & Wednesday 6:15am

Early Morning Program will begin with Rise and Shine “Trim” Trails and transfer to C3 – Cardio /Core/ Chisel inside when sunrise leaves us at 6:15 am  or weather is not favourable. You could expect  1\2 and 1\2 in one class as our Paradise Facility is directly on Trail! We promise each and every morning you’ll be glad you came ! 

C3– This class is 45 minutes of high energy heart pounding cardio including boxing, plyometrics, conditioning training movements interspersed with resistance equipment , weights, body weight and more , ending with 15 straight minutes of core and, of course, a relaxing stretch to send you on your way, all levels welcome!

It is an absolute results oriented class. One perfect package for all levels. 

Rise and Shine TRIM Trails

Picture this..Ponds, Woods, Nature ’s Choir of Birds, yes it will be a workout in breathtaking views. Our Morning Team ( Diane, Thea, Rochelle, Michelle)will bring you to the best outdoor workout areas on the Ponds and demonstrating fun, enthusiasm and their love of working out in nature. Strength training will have a playful flair with cardio providing a perfect goal to hit and stay in the fat burning zone, core training followed by Yoga cool down.This is a full RESULTS class, with an outdoor fit trail plan designed to jump start your goals and \or break plateaus.

Guarantee this is a refreshing class, as it rejuvenates the body and helps aid in positive thinking and gratitude while achieving optimum results! What a way to start your day