KidsDig Program

Gardens are places for kids to learn new skills, build their self confidence, have fun, learn to take care of plants and build respect for their environment as well as improve their health and thrive in active living!

KidsDIg Workshop

Fast forward your plans for a vegetable garden this year with this "how to" family workshop.

KidsDig for Groups & Organizations

If you are looking for a group, personal learning opportunity for your family, community youth groups, class or home school network, consider our workshop that comes to you or in our studio to explore, learn and grow together.

I think of a garden as ‘nature’s classroom’ – a place to:
learn, and to love the earth.
Find an outlet for creativity.
Build self confidence and pride.

Dig and get dirty!
Learn a skill you will have for life. Watch nature at work and play. Learn respect for the earth.

Explore all the senses:  taste delicious flavours; touch different
textured plants; smell wonderful aromas; listen to the sounds of
nature’s symphony and feast with the eyes on the amazing
palette of colours, shapes and ever changing delights.

Now more than ever it is important to share a love of the earth with children.  One of the simplest ways to do this is give them a small garden of their own. Children who are given the responsibility of growing a vegetable and flower seedling will go to great lengths to take care for it.  They learn to nurture and watch it grow, understand what it needs and have the joy of harvesting the reward at the end.