Gardens help children connect with nature, their environment and most importantly, the source of their food. Gardens are places for kids to learn new skills, build their confidence, have fun, learn to take care of plants and build respect for their environment as well as improve their health and thrive in active living  for life!


  • Workshop is in person based! Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday time slots.
  • Nothing required – all materials provided!
  • BIG Diggers can attend by themselves. Parents can attend with “little diggers” in applicable groups.
  • Container Gardening Process to teach little diggers and ensure anyone & everyone can garden ground /land space is not required.
  • Includes min. 6 plants, min. 2 flowers & established flower per child.
  • Cost $65; $20 for additional child. Kids only "Bigger" Digger $30.

Part 1 - Planting

Growing vegetables and flowers from seed is a fun way for children to become self reliant and aware of their own food security and ooze with pride all summer and fall! This class includes the introduction to growing a minimum of 6 different plants and a minimum of 2 flowers , plus an established flower to ignite their interest in gardening while they wait for their seeds to start the their maintenance and replanting information. Children will learn in a fun , exciting setting about the best soils to use for starting seeds, how to plant , importance and how to create drainage, how to water, when to harden off and how to plan for successive crops. Participants will take home a tray with their planted seeds and the potential to fill a small garden or several containers with seasonal vegetables and annual flowers. 

Part 2 - Transplanting Night & Virtual Learning

Every child has so many questions and love the positive feedback and helpful guidance. In Part 2, you receive just that and more with a private social media page that will include videos suitable for the “little digger” to learn and thrive in their new hobby. They are so excited for their garden to grow they love to share with other Little Diggers.

Transplant Night - They will return with their tray of seedlings and plants and then we will transplant together and learn how to keep them healthy and strong. How to care for your plant including thinning, removing sprouts on tomato plants, managing frost and so much more . They learn how to feed and grow to produce flowers which then will produce plants. Most of all they learn this is their garden so they have to take pride and take care of their new garden “friends” who they may even talk too to help them grow!

They will learn about the importance bugs, bees, ants and especially worms to help their garden grow. You just never know they may get a special worm to bring home to their garden! 

They got the complete tools and knowledge (hard copy instructions also provided) at the end of Part 2 to have a garden all summer and fall that keeps on giving to them and their families! 

Space will be very restricted to follow all COVID 19 Guidelines.

“In an age of instant gratification, a garden is one of the few places children can learn patience and delayed gratification by watching and waiting for rewards.” – Anne Gibson