I am a wife (18 years) and mother of a 14 year old son.

I started running in the spring of 2009 just after the passing of my father. It was an escape for me; I found that when I was running it was total me time! All the stresses in my life were put aside during my run.  Hence, my favorite quotes “Running is cheaper than therapy “and “Running is a mental sport, therefore we’re all crazy”.

I run for so many reasons, the friendships I have formed with my follow runners is priceless. We are definitely a unique bred of people, like who runs around streets with flashing clothes and when in numbers, we look like the Christmas parade approaching!

Running has taken me on many adventures which include several half marathons and 5 marathons – Halifax, Toronto, Niagara Falls- Buffalo NY, Disney and across Newfoundland. Currently, I am excited to train for Ottawa Marathon.

I love having a goal which for me generally is a future destination race. Hear about Disney’s Dopey Race? 2014 Goal! Training for a race keeps me focused. I love having a set plan otherwise I may hit the snooze alarm and miss my run.

When Michelle approached me 2010 to be a running instructor I was so excited and a little apprehensive.  Instructing had been an awesome experience, helping people become active and reach their goals is like no other feeling. When I hit the tough part of a run\race I always redirect my thoughts of other runners for rationale and that little push of positive thoughts and energy.  New runners come to us so unsure of themselves and to see their confidence and ability build week after week keeps me enthused.

I have never trained for a marathon without instructing and helping others in their running journeys. It’s true Karma,” when you give you receive!”

Thank you runners for your inspiration!