I started running 8 years ago to be active and to share an activity with my son (he stopped shortly after we started due to a sport injury, I kept going!). I was running on my own for about two years before joining SIF

What I like about running:

  • The convenience – anywhere, anytime as long as I have my running shoes. They come with me on vacation so I’ve run in lots of places
  • Gets me outside – and in weather I wouldn’t dream of going out in except to run
  • Makes me feel strong and powerful, not just my body, but my mind too. Running is 90% in your head
  • Running friends! – the camaraderie of running together; getting each other to the finish line;

What I like about instructing:

  • New runners – watching their progression and seeing others discover the joys of running and achieving goals

What I’m thankful for:

  • Being able to run – I run because I can – so many can’t
  • Running introduced me to Yoga 

Note from Michelle Porter, SIF Running Club Instructor\Owner

“Heather’s growth and development is a highlight for me personally. From many years of watching her grow in our fitness classes, embrace running, then to instructing running. In 2012, I had the privilege to run alongside Heather in her first marathon at the Bluenose, Halifax.  Her infectious, positive attitude is an experience I will cherish forever! The year of goals did not end with the achievement of a marathon. Fall 2012, Heather completed Yoga Fit certification and shares her knowledge on the Mat instructing yoga in our Fitness Class Program.”