I  started aerobics 9 years ago with Sisters in Fitness. 5 years ago I kept hearing others in the fitness classes talk about their runs and their trips, etc. I thought that I would really like to try this and to belong  to a group that seemed so close.

But, I am a heavier, older woman and thought that I couldn’t do it. With encouragement from Michelle and from others in the running group who said “if you can do 45 minutes of aerobics you can run for 30 minutes” I joined — April 2010 I had my first running session. Truthfully I thought it was one of the hardest things I ever did. Did I stop? No! Did I want to? Sure, sometimes!I have accomplished so much over these past years. I did drop weight but I also have found a new strength within myself and with my physical body.

I realize that it takes as much mental preparation as it does physical to run. It has been a love/hate relationship but it is not one that I want to give up. I am proud of what I have accomplished and although it can be difficult at times the overall feeling is one of great accomplishment. While not a fast runner, I am a runner and have participated in many organized events, Bluenose Half-Marathon (Halifax), Disney Princess Half-Marathon (Orlando), Tely 10, Uniform Run and one of the hardest to date, The Cape to Cabot!

In 2012, I was asked to be an instructor. I was extremely reluctant as I was not sure what I could possibly pass on to new runners. But I did and I hope that they can realize their potential with running as I have done! When I see others growing and reaching goals that they had not previously thought they could – it is amazing!!! To share and give back is a wonderful feeling.I have met so many new friends and have so much more to accomplish – I couldn’t possible give up now!