I’m the mother of two very active teenagers.  Apart from working fulltime, I volunteer where I can with my children’s activities and a member of the Sisters in Fitness Programs since 2011.  My two friends convinced me to join the Running Program, within that running season both had to stop running for various reasons and I continued on.  I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle.  In spring 2015 I became apart of the instructor team.

I’ve completed several 8ks (two of which were with my son, these were very special moments for both of us), 10ks, half marathons and completed my first full marathon in the fall 2015.  If someone told me when I started running that I would complete a marathon, I would have laughed.  I always said I never would, I didn’t believe I could.  I quickly learned “never say never”.  It’s amazing what great supports can do (my family, the instructor team and runners within the program).  I was so proud of myself and I was able to teach my children to never give up and that hard work pays off.

I have met so many wonderful people and have made some very special friendships.  I love seeing people work hard to reach their goals, ones they never thought possible.  It truly doesn’t matter if you are in the front, middle or back of the pack we all cross the same finish line.