I joined SIF Running Club in the fall of 2009. I have always led a fairly active lifestyle, but after my kids were born, I needed a schedule to get me back on track!

My identical twin boys were born in December 2007. So needless to say, things were pretty busy for us right from the start. We moved home to Newfoundland from Alberta in 2008 when the monsters were only 5 months old.

In summer of 2009, on my twice daily walks (hey, I had to keep my sanity and get out of the house) with the kids in tow, I felt like I would like to do more. I wanted to get back in shape! I was always so jealous when I saw all these runners going up and down the streets, I said to my husband, “I need to join that running club, I need a schedule, and I need a break“!!

I joined in the fall of 2009 when the boys were a year and a half. The following spring (May 2010), I ran my first ever race……a Full Marathon at the Bluenose in Halifax!

I have to say, it was the best experience of my life.

Now I never expected to run a full marathon ever in my life, but I had wanted to complete a half. After training with the full marathon group and actually running 21 kms one day, I said, “Sure I just ran a half, I already know I can do it”. So I needed another challenge. I registered for the Full……gulp.

I will never forget we attended a presentation at the Expo put off by John Stanton, Founder of The Running Room. He went on to talk about how some of you (us) were running our first race ever, and how “I’m sure many of you have run 5km, 10km, a Half, and now you’re going to go for the Full”. Immediately, I began to panic and thought, “OMG, I have never run a race in my life, and all these people have run race after race after race….” I thought, “I can’t do it“.

I spoke to several SIF Running Club members after and expressed how I probably should go back to the half. They laughed and said, “you trained for the full, you will have to problem completing a full”. Anyway, I did it and never looked back. Since then I have completed in 2 other full marathons (Toronto and Niagara Falls Marathon) and finished my first Half Marathon last spring.

I am now training for another Full Marathon that is scheduled for May 2013 in Ottawa! I can’t wait!I love what running gives me!! Great health, great friends, and of course, a complete break from everything. Running gives me “Me time”, which I think is essential in any family. I love my husband (Bob) and children (Jack and Alex) dearly, but I also think that running (a time for ME and MY THOUGHTS) is very important. My kids always say, “Mom, is that your running friend” whenever we see someone running up the road. And most times, I can say “yes”.

SIF Running Club has given so many people the wonderful opportunity to RUN!!

As a Running Instructor with SIF Running Club, I have had the opportunity to share my love for the sport of running and I hope others get from running what I do. I never thought I was a “runner”, and sometimes, I still feel that way. I do it for ME!!