I started running March 2008, to get in shape to be a lifeguard. I ended up not lifeguarding at all and completely stopped swimming, but I loved running so much that I kept with it.

I found myself in a very fortunate circumstance as Colin Fewer (7 time Tely 10 winner) was my high school biology teacher!  He started a running club after school which I joined and then he coached me for the next two years.

I’ve done more races than I can count and placed many times in my age group category. My favorite race is the 5k. My best 5k time is 21:24 minutes! My biggest accomplishment has been running with MUN’s varsity cross country team. I like to inspire and motivate others to run and love getting medals.

I love instructing because it motivates me and I love watching how much people improve in the sport I love!

Michelle explains recruiting Priscilla to her Instructor Team…“I kept seeing this young girl running and running all over Conception Bay South. Everywhere I looked she was there, running. So I went to work looking for information on this young runner, who was she? I knew she could bring so much to my club. After contacting both high schools I had her name, Priscilla! She joined our instructor team. Through her I can see a fuller picture of the world of running. Although, many like distance, some like SPEED and our club tempo, fartlek work has improved in leaps and bounds!”