After watching runners go up and down the road I joined SIF Running Club in Fall of 2011 as a beginner doing 1:1 .As an active hiker I was surprised to discover that it was harder than it looked. The instructors were so encouraging and positive that I kept going and haven’t looked back since.

I did my first half Marathon relay in beautiful Corner Brook in October 2011 just a few short months after joining. I will never forget the wind that day!!But everyone was so encouraging and positive .I have completed several other races since joining ,each one always an accomplishment and memorable events . I love to share in  other members accomplishments and personal bests.

This run group opens its arms to all its members and makes you feel like your apart of this wonderful  family. This is where I really saw that the Club as more than just a running club… It’s also the friendships, the fun ,the experience !

I was honored when asked to join as an instructor. I hope I can  give back to other new runners what I have learned from Michelle and the other instructors I have had the privilege to learn from.

Running has become a part of my life and I so blessed to be able to run.